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  • Do you like fruits? I can taste the joy of mixed fruit juice. Tutti Frutti returns. This whole new dimension of arkanoid-style game will absolutely blow your mind with its tutti frutti concept, 4 different backgrounds, eye-catching graphics and 3 difficulty modes. Tutti Frutti has 3 difficulty modes: easy, normal, hard. Complete the levels in short time to score high. Launch each ball and pop the fruits. Each level has different fruits and different patterns. There are bananas, cherries, grapes, apples, pears, strawberries, pineapples, melons, oranges, pomegranates, watermelons all around! Remember that some fruits might need more than one lucky hit. You start with 3 lives and get an extra life after each 5 level. There are wooden blocks which can only be broken with certain power-ups so be sure to collect the bonuses. There are good and bad bonuses which will be a great aid through the game. Good bonuses will halve and bad bonuses will double the points you gain from each fruit. Green colored good bonuses include fire, energy ball, paddle extension, hold ball, shield, time bonus, blast throw, double ball. Red colored bad bonuses include double speed ball, time reduction, paddle reduction and so on. Pass each level as soon as possible and score higher. Beat 30 levels to be the ultimate arkanoid master.

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